Weekend Work Party

Lots of gardeners came out last weekend and helped to get the garden ready for the summer. We now have 102 garden plots and there are 11 plots that are still unreserved (so if you still want a plot, make your reservations now). We also extended the fence and installed the water tanks.


(click to go to the photo album on our Facebook page)

The soil was obtained from Great Northwest and is a 70/30 gardening mix (70% peat and 30% sand). All that is left for the gardeners to do is add some organic compost to the mix. It takes about 2-20 lb bags of composted manure per gardening plot (one option is composted steer manure from Lowe’s for $2.50/bag, another is compost from the Wastewater Treatment Plant for $20 a truck load). Adding compost helps the growth of the plants and retain soil moisture (cutting down on watering requirements). To determine which manure is best, the soil can be tested with a soil testing kit or by dropping off a soil sample for testing at the Fairbanks Soil and Water Conservation District (FSWCD).

The Fairbanks SWCD publishes a poster with all the relevant soils in the Fairbanks area (To download the large format .pdf just click on the picture below):

Soils of the Fairbanks Area

The resource page for Alaska soils at the UAF Cooperative Extension Service is located here, and the page at the Fairbanks SWCD is located here


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