The Garden concept was initiated in March 2012 and the first boxes were constructed in May 2012. We constructed 42 raised beds in its first year and the gardeners contributed $2400 to their construction. There were over 65 people affiliated with the Garden in 2012 (52% students, 35% staff%, 13% faculty). We held one gardening workshop in 2012 (20 attendees) and two social BBQ’s.

In 2013, we extended the garden to 102 plots. All plots were rented by a total of 84 gardeners.

In 2014, a watering system was plumbed in and we abandoned the water tanks in favor of faucets and hoses. We are still trying to find a better solution for the compost collection and processing.

Funding sources

  1. UAF People’s Endowment (2012)
  2. UAF Student Sustainability Fee (2012, 2013)
  3. Garden box fee (currently $40 for one box and $20 for any additional boxes)

And for anybody interested in the process of getting this project to fruition, here is a presentation by Nicole Swenson (click on image to open in .pdf format):


Garden Committee Members 2016

Jennifer Curl
Tracie Curry
Anne Gaedeke
Faculty adviser [UAF Faculty]: Nathan Belz
Faculty adviser [UAF Faculty]: Steven Hunt