Gardening Contract/Etiquette

2015 UAF Campus Community Garden Contract

I (the primary gardener on this application) agree to follow the guidelines listed below, and accept the following responsibilities.

I agree to:

  1. Be an active gardener at the UAF Campus Community Garden.

  2. Maintain my(our) individual garden plot, its neighboring pathways, and accept shared responsibility for maintenance of common areas, equipment, supplies, and infrastructure,  including tools, shed, compost, water system, signs, pathways, and picnic tables. This includes locking water and shed after use, composting all plant debris, carrying out all trash, and replacing tools.

  3. Pay a fee of  $40 for the first box and $20 for any additional boxes for the growing season at the time of registration. I am responsible for the removal of all vegetation and debris from my plot to the satisfaction of the Garden Coordinator at the end of garden cleanup day in September.

  4. Up to two plots are rented to affiliates of UAF (Student, Staff, Faculty, or Professor emeritus) (exceptions based on the board’s discretion).

  5. Notify the Garden Coordinator if I cannot care for the plot. If the plot remains uncultivated by June 30, or if the plot appears to be neglected or abandoned throughout the season, I  (we) will be contacted by a coordinator and the plot may be forfeited if situation is not corrected.

  6. Notify the Garden Coordinator upon termination of my contract and clear my plots.

  7. Communal work requirements: I agree to volunteer eight (8) hours, for general maintenance and care for the garden, throughout the growing season. It is vital to the garden’s success, and use of the site is contingent upon our ability to maintain it.  Communal work events will be scheduled throughout the season.

  8. Use only fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide, and fungicide products approved for organic use. Information on organic gardening methods is available through the Garden Coordinator or the Cooperative Extension Office.

  9. Remain on the premises while using water. Gardeners are asked to conserve water at all times. Keep hoses neatly rolled up near their source and watering cans in the shed.

  10. Borrowed tools should be cleaned and returned to the storage area when done. Tools are not to be removed from the garden site.

  11. Respect your fellow gardeners and the garden’s neighbors by not disturbing them or their property in any way and by using shared space appropriately.

  12. Dogs are not allowed in the fenced garden area and should not run loose while their gardeners tend to their plots.

  13. Please do not park next to the garden, but used designated parking areas while at the garden

  14. No illegal plants may be grown, including any plants listed on the State of Alaska’s noxious weed list, which can be found on the web at:

  15. In the case of a dispute, notify a Garden Committee member.  The Garden Committee will act as arbiter and it is understood its decision for resolution will be binding on all parties.

Garden Etiquette
UAF Campus Community Garden

Common-sense list of No’s:
–  No pets, with the exception of service animals.
–  No motorized vehicles unless authorized by the Garden Committee.
–  No littering.
–  No disrespectful behavior such as alcohol consumption, loud music, or profanity.
–  No invasive plants.

  • Individual garden plots are to be used for growing fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, and/or flowers.

  • UAF Facilities will be maintaining the grassy areas within the garden, they have requested that 30 inches be left between all infrastructure components.  Out of consideration for Facility Services, our gardeners are asked to keep the area surrounding their plots free of anything that cannot be mowed.  This includes, pots, planters, watering cans, foliage of squash plants (they can be planted, but they will not be protected from lawn mowers), etc.

  • Parking is not allowed next to the garden (except during work days that require supplies, equipment, etc.).  UAF Parking Services has made this stipulation during the Garden’s planning phase.

  • If Community plots are planted, they will be in designated areas. If you help with these areas, you may harvest from them.

  • No taking food that is not yours.

  • Each gardener is also responsible for the maintenance and weeding of any paths next to their gardening plot.

  • Crops over six feet tall are not allowed in individual plots due to the shadow effect it causes for neighboring gardeners. Be considerate of your neighbors!

  • All dead plant material from gardener’s plots must be disposed of in a proper fashion. Do not pile weeds and rocks in pathways. The garden group will provide a composting area for gardener’s plant material waste/weeds.

  • Gates are to remain closed at all times. Please ensure you close all gates behind you after entering and leaving the garden site.

  • Children are strongly encouraged to respectfully participate in all the joys of gardening. Supervision is important at all times.

  • The bulletin board is a way for all of us to stay in touch. Please use it for any garden-related purposes.

  • Please sign-in each time you visit the garden.  This will provide us an important record of activities and assist us when investigating vandalism or other problems at the garden.

  • These guidelines are subject to change. You are responsible for checking your e-mail, or the garden bulletin board for updated information.

  • Enjoy the season! Enjoy each other! Enjoy the food!

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